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Peter Wentz Farmstead Self-Guided Tour

Welcome to the Peter Wentz Farmstead and thank you for participating in our self-guided tour!  The purpose of this tour is to introduce you to both the historical significance of the Farmstead and the natural landscape of the 83-acre property.  Your stops will include the farm and historic house, as well as additional stops for you to view the natural landscape.  You will learn about our current farm and life in eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, as well as view some plant and wildlife species like water beech, jack in the pulpit, leopard frogs, bluebirds, and more.  We hope you enjoy this tour!

When you finish the audtio tour, please take an additional few minutes to complete our feedback survey.  We want to know about your experience! 

2030 Shearer Road, Lansdale, PA, United States
Peter Wentz Farmstead Self-Guided Tour
  1. Welcome!
  2. Visitor Center
  3. The Farmstead
  4. Historic House (front)
  5. Historic House (back)
  6. Woodshed
  7. The Smokehouse
  8. Root Cellar and Ice House
  9. Sheepfold and Pasture
  10. The Barn
  11. Chicken Coop
  12. Cow Pastures
  13. Wet Meadow and Watershed
  14. Managed Woodlot
  15. Feedback Survey